Monday, May 16, 2011

Contact The Real Juicy Jamie at Kinky Phone Fun

My number has changed. The 888-313-7155 number goes to a Juicy Jamie impostor that the phone sex kingdom has chosen to try and replace me with. I have been told that she does not compare in intellect, creativity, and voice quality so please call my new number.

To Talk: 888-872-3753

To Email: and

To Chat:  juicyjamie89 on aim and yahoo

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To Stalk Me: Want to know where I am during the day, who my friends are, what I smell like etc.? Email me for details but the first step is adding me on my networking sites:


To Worship Me: Initial Fee Required. Email Me for details.

To Join The Juicy Jamie Fan Club: 30 second audition video required. Email me for details.